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New Life Christian School provides a safe, Christ-centered environment where students achieve excellence in all areas of their lives; educational, spiritual, physical and emotional. NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT SPECIAL STARTING AT $100 A MONTH!

Pre-K - Highschool Enrolling Now

At New Life Christian School, we are equipping the next generation of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as well as preparing students for a life of college. NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT SPECIAL STARTING AT $100 A MONTH!!

New Life Assembly Church

To Christians there is no such thing called "chance", but faith in God's Will who is the architect of your life.  It is He who calls you to search Him in worship.  Join us this Sunday at 10am at New Life Assembly Of God.

Online Teachings and Sermons

One day every knee will bow and confess Jesus is Lord and all the redeemed will cast their crowns at the feet of Jesus.  God is calling you from the grave.  Click on get started to access the online archive of Pastor Al Moody's sermons and teachings.


Meet our future mechanic, artist, designer and critic!

Our classrooms are open, fun and inviting.  We allow our students to explore the adventures of creating, coloring and interacting through various activities, songs and lessons.


A fun day at the pet parade!

It's always fun enjoying God's beautiful little creations.  Every year, our annual pet parade offers up unique moments of fun.  Expect to see a variety of student-owned pets (including dogs, cats, iguanas, goats, and birds) parade around the viewing circle for our judges and audience to see.


Making memories one day at a time.

We enjoy praying for our 2-5 yr. old students daily, and showing them the loving care they need.  Each teacher has a responsibility to God and to our families to create a Christ-honoring environment that helps kids grow into their best possible future.


Healthy food, healthy children!


(includes Main Dish, Two Sides and a Drink): $2.00

Drink Only Price: $.50

Main Dish

½ Grilled Cheese Sandwich                               ½ PB&J Sandwich                            Corn Dog

½ Cheese or Chicken Quesadilla                        Chicken Nuggets (4)                        Egg Roll

Meat and Cheese Tray                                         Hamburger Slider


Fruit Cup           String Cheese            Box of Raisins            Carrots w/ Ranch          Fries           Applesauce

Thursday Hot Lunch 

See calendar for weekly special  (Includes lunch and drink)


Cup of milk (1%)              Apple Juice Box



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We invite you to schedule a tour of our school and meet our administrator, teachers and pastor. See if New Life Christians is the right fit for your child’s education and give us the opportunity to get to know you.


Tuition details found here.   New student specials starting at $100 a month!

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